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Why Buy a Timeshare through Fidelity?

For those interested in buying a timeshare, Fidelity offers a vast portfolio of vacation ownership opportunities at a tremendous value. We have extensive, competitively priced timeshare resale listings for all of the most prominent developers, including Disney, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and many more. If you’re seeking the perfect vacation ownership, Fidelity can help.

Even more importantly, Fidelity has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the resale process is executed in a professional and efficient manner. Over our 20 years in the timeshare resale industry, our licensed vacation ownership counselors have garnered a reputation for unrivaled service and support, which is why several of the largest hospitality brands refer directly to Fidelity as their preferred resale broker.

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How to Buy a Timeshare on the Resale Market

Step 1

Choose the Way You’d Like to Vacation

There is no one-size-fits-all vacation program. Before you decide if vacation ownership is right for you, it’s important to examine your current and anticipated vacation habits. What destination(s) do you prefer? How often? With whom? A few simple questions can help us bring your dream vacation lifestyle to reality.

Step 2

Discover the Ideal Vacation Program to Meet Your Needs

Your vacation habits will ultimately determine what type of timeshare ownership is best for you. Should you buy into a point-based system, a deeded week, or a hybrid vacation club? Do you need a multi-site club, or will a single site resort be perfect for you? Fidelity’s comprehensive services, Knowledge Center, blog articles, and licensed real estate agents can help you choose the vacation program that best suits your needs!

Step 3

Receive Guidance from a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Buying a timeshare has many rewards, but it can be a very involved process. It’s important that you have an experienced and reliable agent helping you find the property you desire at a price that you’re comfortable with. Combine that with our internal listings and external connections we’ll make sure you get that perfect fit!

Step 4

Make a Purchase and Enjoy a Lifetime of Vacation Memories

Once you’ve identified the vacation ownership that’s right for you, our licensed real estate consultant will handle all of the negotiations with the seller at your direction and then guide you seamlessly through the closing process. Once the transaction is complete you’ll be on your way to enjoying a lifetime of fabulous vacations!